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Dear friend,

Technology failed me to go on Facebook LIVE today, for those of us who work virtually, the internet, Zoom, FB Live are slow and sometimes connection fails🤔 but the good news is that we are still having internet.

As promised, I went over Tactic # 3 from the book "Shift" by Gary Keller: Do More with Less - LEVERAGE. Here is the recording CLICK HERE.

Our Businesses and Lives are NOT going to be the same during and after COVID-19.

❤ So, I've decided that starting tomorrow I'll be re-vamping all of my new content to answer the needs, the questions, the worries of my customers, my community, my fellow agents and business owners.

I'll share anything and everything I know about real estate, business and life...

I've decided that the best use of my time today is to show up as a leader instead of going in a fetal position and just worry.

I want to contribute and help as much as I can, so we don't give up and stay strong in times like that.

Let's all show...

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