How to Start Your Own Service Based (or Real Estate) Business

I have come a long way since starting my first business 25 years ago in Bulgaria. Before getting into the real estate industry, I owned 5 other businesses in totally different industries.

Just before my 30th birthday, my family won the green card lottery and took a leap of faith by leaving our safe life in Bulgaria and starting a new life on a new continent, new language, new culture. With a 2 and 9 years old, we hustled and were building the American DREAM that we were hopping for.

I believe so strongly in the power of women, and that we can do ANYTHING that we want. For me, that meant learning a new language, raising 2 children, hustling to get any job that I could get at the time to help us with the transition and building a business 5 years after we settled in the States all at the same time. 

After 16+ years in the real estate field, I started helping other female entrepreneurs start and scale their own businesses or turn a side hustle into a business.


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