Handling Chaos and Uncertainty as a Real Estate Agent, as a home-buyer, seller or investor


Yesterday, I had an Instagram life where I was sharing my scarcity mind drama about the Corona virus outbreak, about the real estate market, the stock market, our businesses and and everything else.

I woke up in the middle of the night the day before today with my heart pounding and worrying about everything.

My primitive brain was going into different directions as always but after I became aware of it, and stepped back, I found that nothing of real danger was actually going on.

I was safe and healthy, my family and friends were too, we had clean water, plenty of food and roof over our heads. The truth was that our brains are wired to look for danger and to help us stay safe.

But the good news is that we can as soon as we become aware of it, tell them that's not a real danger,and redirect them in a direction we want to.

But what I wanted to say today is that this morning, I woke up and I'm in a completely different energy than yesterday, and the reason...

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