Day 1. Biz Revamp: What do you want? ( in your Life + Biz)

Mar 31, 2020

I don't know about you but every day I'm wondering what I can create, what else I can learn, who I can connect with, what I can do to make a difference in mine and other people's life.

Because it's the PERFECT time now especially for those of us who stay home

I’ve decided to go back to the basics and evaluate everything in my business and make sure it's aligned it whit my personal vision.

If you're staying home during Covid-19, if you are a real estate agent, if you are thinking of starting a career in real estate, or if you might be thinking of starting a business out of this side hustle of yours, this might be the right place to be.

I’ll be showing up every day M-F on social media either on video, audio or via writing my thoughts in a post, and share the steps and the questions I'll be asking myself to help me REVAMP my Biz. 

Hopefully, I’ll motivate you to do it too for yourself.

If you want to to it with me, follow me on Social ( see the links in my...

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COVID-19. Life.Real Estate.Being a Leader.

Mar 24, 2020

Dear friend,

Technology failed me to go on Facebook LIVE today, for those of us who work virtually, the internet, Zoom, FB Live are slow and sometimes connection fails🤔 but the good news is that we are still having internet.

As promised, I went over Tactic # 3 from the book "Shift" by Gary Keller: Do More with Less - LEVERAGE. Here is the recording CLICK HERE.

Our Businesses and Lives are NOT going to be the same during and after COVID-19.

❤ So, I've decided that starting tomorrow I'll be re-vamping all of my new content to answer the needs, the questions, the worries of my customers, my community, my fellow agents and business owners.

I'll share anything and everything I know about real estate, business and life...

I've decided that the best use of my time today is to show up as a leader instead of going in a fetal position and just worry.

I want to contribute and help as much as I can, so we don't give up and stay strong in times like that.

Let's all show...

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Let's Prepare for a Shifting Market

Mar 20, 2020

Hi fellow real estate agents,

I've been thinking a lot what I can do to give value in uncertain times like that to help our businesses, and I came to the idea to re-read the "Shift" by Gary Keller.

It helped me a lot during the 2008 Recession.

On Monday, March 23th at 11 am EST on my Facebook Business Page, we'll start with Tactic # 1 , 2 and 3.

I am looking forward to see you there. Please share with your colleagues. I think we can all take the first step and prepare for The Shift.

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Handling Chaos and Uncertainty as a Real Estate Agent, as a home-buyer, seller or investor

Mar 17, 2020

Yesterday, I had an Instagram life where I was sharing my scarcity mind drama about the Corona virus outbreak, about the real estate market, the stock market, our businesses and and everything else.

I woke up in the middle of the night the day before today with my heart pounding and worrying about everything.

My primitive brain was going into different directions as always but after I became aware of it, and stepped back, I found that nothing of real danger was actually going on.

I was safe and healthy, my family and friends were too, we had clean water, plenty of food and roof over our heads. The truth was that our brains are wired to look for danger and to help us stay safe.

But the good news is that we can as soon as we become aware of it, tell them that's not a real danger,and redirect them in a direction we want to.

But what I wanted to say today is that this morning, I woke up and I'm in a completely different energy than yesterday, and the reason...

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Mar 11, 2020

I started my very first business in the States in just 5 short years after my family and I arrived with broken spoken English but pretty good understanding, writing and reading it, thanks to learning and writing the 3 BBC textbooks after I was putting the kids to bed every single night. And after all I passed my Real Estate Law and Math Exam with over 90% score (and it wasn’t easy even for native speakers).

I was not ready. I was not perfect. Heck...I was barely surviving.

But I started.

And then I failed.

Now here’s where it gets really good: I LEARNED so much in that business and one of the reasons I built it to 6 figures and then failed again, and built it back to 6 figures is because I learned to start before I was ready.

No matter what stage of business you’re in: you’ve got to start before you’re ready. It’s not optional. This is the entrepreneurial game.

You see, after I left the old continent and my other businesses there and before...

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3 Hacks to Beat Overwhelm

Feb 27, 2020

So many of us (myself included) are dealing with an entrepreneur overwhelm.  

Did you know that there are approximately 60,000 thoughts our brains are dealing with every single day and those thoughts never stop.

Keep reading though because here’s where it gets good.


So technically we can’t make our thoughts stop but I do have a few hacks I use myself to beat my entrepreneurial overwhelm.

If you’ve been feeling like there are too many things to get done you should know you’re not alone.

Not even a little. I feel you. I hate to admit it...but hey! making all of those big, scary goals is part of what makes you and I amazing at what we do. It’s because we dare to dream, dare to plan and dare to execute on the things that make us scared.

But I want to make sure you don’t let the overwhelm settle shop in your brain, takeover and keep you from making everything you want it to be in your businesses and life....

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The 3 Steps to Reach Your Big Business Goal FAST

Feb 12, 2020

I wanted to share a some steps I use that help me FOCUS and get things in my business done for you to consider doing in your business.

I don’t know about you but when I put all of my energy out there and don’t get the results I was aiming for right away, here is the pattern of activities I’m going to by default, instead of staying on my original plan for at least 90 days to see max results,

I am:

  • Creating a new offer when my last offer isn’t fully sold(again)
  • Re-doing my website (again)
  • Updating all of my website copy (again)
  • Signing up for more courses(again)
  • Downloading all the opt-ins (again)
  • Listening to all the podcasts(again)
  • Changing my title(again)
  • Changing my niche(again)

You get the picture, yes? Does any of it sound familiar????

If I don’t intentionally interrupt my brain and tell it where to go, I’ll just keep circling in the above scenario and never get the results I wanted in the first place.

Now, I'm not saying that the...

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The 4 reasons WHY your Real Estate Business is NOT working.

Feb 05, 2020

Whether your RE biz isn’t working at all (and you don’t have any clients) or whether you’ve got clients but find yourself feeling like a crazy human who can’t balance… then you need to know about these 4 things and I promise you…

If you want more clients in your biz…

If you want more balance …

If you want to grow and make more money as quickly as possible…

Then you need to make sure these 4 things aren’t getting in your way!


The 4 real reasons your real estate or any other business biz isn’t working:

1. YOU and YOUR WHY are NOT in Order.

It doesn’t matter if you have 0 clients or you have 5 clients, you’re going to feel stuck in your biz if you’re not aligned with your WHY. 

How come?

Because when you’re not aligned with your why then you can’t make decisions from that place. And you need to make decisions from that place if you want a super clear pathway to success.


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Never Let Your BIZ Ideas Fell Through the Cracks AGAIN

Jan 29, 2020

If you're anything like me, you get the BEST ideas when you DON'T have a computer or phone near you. Funny how that happens, huh? ;)

I've been known to write out an ENTIRE workshop or a new idea for a course or a coaching program in my head while on my walk or driving, only to forget it all.

This used to drive me CRAZY because I felt like they were an amazing content ideas just waiting to get out of my brain, but never at the right time.

THEN, I figured out how to use my phone and either use Google Assistant to make a Content List and store all of my ideas for future posts, courses, freebies, there. If you are on an iPhone, Siri is your friend. It's easy to quickly speak out an idea and have Google Assistant or Siri  automatically make a record of it for reference when I'm ready.

Want in on this?

Here's EXACTLY how to set up this system for yourself in 2 simple steps:

For Android, I use either voice with Google Assistant if I’m driving or Google Keep if I’m in a...

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5 Super Simple Ways To Market Your Real Estate Biz, BETTER! (+ get more clients)

Jan 22, 2020

Marketing your real estate business doesn’t have to be hard. Chances are you’re already doing something (or several things), but we can always do it better. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you 5 super simple ways to market your real estate biz, better! (+ get more clients in the process!)

P.S. I’m not a marketing expert but I do run a real estate and an online business, so today I’m sharing what I’ve learned works for me!


Remember if you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. Trying to be everything to everyone will get you nowhere.

In order for you to stick in a saturated market, you need to become an AUTHORITY based on YOUR personality, YOUR purpose, and YOUR defined promise of what you’ll deliver to your customer.

Getting SPECIFIC will make it easier to advertise your services and EXPLAIN exactly what you do.

If you don’t know who you’re targeting, answering the...

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