How I started in Real Estate?

Jun 29, 2020

Hi friend!

When I think how I've started in real estate 17 years ago, it started by an accident not as a long planned event.

At the time I was preparing income taxes for people and the tax season has just ended and I was wondering if I should offer bookkeeping services, or what else I should do as a service business that I've started couple of months ago.

I had a background in 3 other business back in my home town in Bulgaria... I've been self-employed for the most part of my life, so that's why working 9-5 job when we moved to the States was not my desire... I always knew that I could create more and give more to the community.

Anyhow, when you move to a new country actually a new continent, and you don't know the language, the culture... and you have a family to take care of, you do anything to meet ends together...but once I felt that I feel more comfortable with the language, the customs, etc... my entrepreneurial me started talking, so I started the tax preparation's business...

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The ONE and Only Thing to Do as a Real Estate Agent

May 07, 2020

When I just started back in 2003 there was no Facebook and searching homes on-line or meeting people on-line was not very popular, and it was not  a thing back then, but what was a thing, and it never changes no matter where the technology will bring us, is that people want to work with other human beings who they know, like and trust.

So, I was thinking the other day about preparing for today’s Mastermind, what would I do if I was just starting in real estate today?

And the One, and Only Most Important thing that comes to mind that I truly believe is the most important activity is Building NEW Relationships every single day, all the time.

Because we are not in the real estate business, we are in the Relationship Building Business.

Think about it!When we meet someone, there are about a couple of hundred more people standing behind them that aren’t at our meeting today. Their network, right?

And when we connect personally with one person, we are accessing ...

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How to make Money as a Real Estate Agent?

Apr 24, 2020

Dear Reader,

Today I wanted to share with you what I’ve realized after 17 years in the field of real estate.

I’ve tried it all: lead generation strategies from buying leads, cold calling, FSBO and Expireds Calls, using scripts, programs, challenges, coaching,... probably I’ve spend well over $100K doing that… and now when I’m in a business of helping agents like yourself make their 1st commission check or grow their business, and I’m asking myself the question:

“ What my people need? What do they need right now? What’s the one simple thing/strategy I can give them to implement in their business today, so they can make money?”

What comes to mind is very simple, and this is what got me started back in 2003 and helped me make my $ 100 K in 2 short years are this 3 things:

  1. Meet/Connect/Engage with as many people as possible.
  2. Tell them that you’re a real estate agent.
  3. Make offers to help them and their people.

It’s that...

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ALL PRODUCTS 70% OFF till April 30, 2020

Apr 15, 2020

Calling all real estate agents.
I am giving away some digital products for FREE

and also running 70%OFF Sale on other digital products,
until the end of April.

Use Coupon Code: COVID19 at checkout.

Click on the link below to see what I have in store.

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FREE Masterclass for Real Estate Agents Anyone?

Apr 09, 2020

So many real estate agents are complaining about not being able to create consistent income in their business and I've seen so many of my colleagues including me, making the mistake of doing it ALL:

  • building a Website
  • running Facebook and Instagram ads
  • looking for the right CRM
  • ordering business cards,
  • blogging
  • podcasting
  • changing the fonts and colors on their website
  • posting on social media
  • building sales funnels
  • signing for online courses
  • buying leads
  • buying new software's 


STILL NOT getting the RESULTS you want, 

AND this is because we are doing it all BACKWARDS

So, I'm thinking of putting together a Masterclass for FREE that will help real estate agents get the missing link(s) to close at least 1 house every single month consistently

Is this would be an interest to you?

Comment here if you'd like to learn together. 

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Are you getting HATE Comments Online and what do you make them mean?

Apr 09, 2020

Happy Thursday!!!

Just checking with you to see what you are up to Today?

I wanted to share with you couple of things:

# 1. Today, I've got my first HATE comment on social media on one of my videos, so I guess what I've been doing lately on-line is working. LOL.

Last year I would've shut up myself down and would've stopped doing what I was doing but Today I'm choosing not to make it mean anything about me anymore,

The comment was in Bulgarian(I guess the man who commented can't write in English) and it's critiquing my accent and here is the translation:

" Even Hristo Stoitchkov (he's a famous Bulgarian soccer player)
speaks better than you are. What a Terrible accent you have! I hate it"

..and I say: "So what? Who cares?"

Well, this is my new me, and I am okay NOT to be liked by everybody

Actually I'm grateful to be able to communicate my thoughts in English and to connect to thousands around the world on-line.

So, this is for you: Please,...

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Day 5: Biz Revamp - Wrapping it Up!

Apr 04, 2020

Hello friends, if you’ve been following this thread, by now: 

You know what your business does.

You know why you’re in this business.

You know who the people you serve are.

You know what their problem is.

You know what offer you make to help them solve their problem. 

The next steps to wrap this week up, is to ask yourself the following questions: 

Where do my people hang out online?

How can I connect & engage with them?

What do they need right now? What I can offer to them to help?How can I serve them? What is my Free offer? What’s my Paid offer?

What am I willing to COMMIT to do consistently in the next 30 days?

How long am I willing to do the 3 things? 

  1. connect with people
  2. tell them what I do
  3. make offers to help

Be a product of your product. 

Here is what else came for me for my new Business Mentoring Biz:

I’m helping real estate agents set up a solid foundation, grow their brand and business online( + start making ). 


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Day 4. Biz Revamp: Where Your People are On-Line?

Apr 03, 2020

Hello, it’s Day # 4 of #COVID19BizRevamp!

If you are doing it with me by now you should have a clear picture of:

Why are you doing what you’re doing(i.e real estate sales,etc.)?      What problem do you solve for them and who do you solve it for??

What unique experience your people have when working with you?

How do you want your customers to feel when working with you?

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% clear, just do as much as you can at this time, clarity comes with TAKING ACTIONS, testing and learning from it.

 Here are the questions to ask yourself today?

Where your people are hanging On-Line right Now?

How many people do you have in your database right now?

List 5 ways you can connect to more people in the next 5 days.

Here are some ideas to inspire you and look into:

Facebook Groups.

LinkedIn Groups.

Your past clients, sphere of influence, your friends and family, etc.

Local Community Groups on-line.

Your email list.


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Day 3. Biz Revamp: Let's share our what's and why's(+the next Q's to ask)

Apr 02, 2020

It’s Day # 3 from the #Covid19BizRevamp I’ve been doing for my business, and before I give you the action steps for today if you are doing it with me, I wanted to share with you what came for me so far as I was working on the questions.

Day # 1. What do I want to do? 

I want to create a profitable Online Business. 

Day # 2. Why is this important to me?

Because my dream is to become 100% Location Independent and be able to support myself and work from anywhere where there is an Internet connection.

Today, we continue with the next 3 big questions and prompts to help you get clarity after that.

Why does your business exist? 

What difference are you trying to make in your business?

What is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires this business?

Who are the People you Serve? 

What they value most and how they want to feel when using your services?

What specific difference do you hope to create in their lives?

What is your Service you are selling? 

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Day 2. Biz Revamp: Why do you do what you do?

Apr 01, 2020


So, yesterday, we answered the question: what do we want our life and biz to be?

Today’s One question I am asking myself and I want you to ask yourself if you’ve decided to follow is going back to your WHY.

An Warning: If your ONLY and SOLE Reason to be in business is MONEY, just go and get a job. MONEY is AMAZING and we all need to make it, just don’t let that be your only reason.

Why do I want the results you want to achieve from yesterday’s exercise?

Why is this important to me?

What are my reasons?

How will achieving the results I wanted to have from yesterday’s exercise will impact my life emotionally, financially, physically, socially, intellectually and spiritually, how will it impact your relationships, family and the people you love?

...and if you want to go and dream bigger, ask yourself:

How will reaching these goals will impact the world, perhaps?

If you have time today, I also want  you to go and google Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk...

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