How to Design an EPIC 2020 as a real estate agent?


Here is an excerpt of my 6 Steps Process I’ve learned for one of my mentors that I’ve started using to schedule an entire year on my calendar in one weekend.

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STEP 1. Mindset & Brainstorm

If I were to wave a magic wand and you instantly had a breakthrough year what would that look like? 

We have to get clear about what a wildly successful year looks like for you. This is different for all of us. 

Set up a 30 minutes timer and just write. 

Don’t edit yourself, just write, write,write…

Here are some questions to help you:

  • Why are you doing what you are doing? 
  • Why does it matter to you? Why is that?
  • What do you value most? 
  • Describe your best client? Why would your best client want to work with you?
  • How are you different from the competition?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What makes you happiest in your life? 
  • What do you want to have in the next 10 years?
  • What do you want to do in the next 10 years?
  • Where do you want to go in the next 10 years?
  • What would you like to give back in the next 10 years?
  • What else do you want?

STEP 2. Declare Your 2020 GOAL

I’m going to guess you know yours. If you don’t it’s okay. You could skip this step but I really encourage you to at least put something down that feels good and exciting to you. 

Here is how I do it:

I Go back to my brainstorming sheet and prioritize everything I've put down.

Then, I write down the 5-10 dreams I was most passionate about. 

Next, I write down 3-5 things that I want to do, have, go or give back next year, and put a due date next to them, and a dollar amount.  


Next, I find out my Break-Even Amount:  the $ amount I need to break even when I pay my personal and business expenses.

When I add the two of them up, I get my yearly goal amount.

STEP 3. Decide on Your Boundaries.

What are you not willing to do or not willing to experience to get to your wildly successful year? 

Let me give you an example. 

One of my non-negotiables for next year is I’m not working nights and I have 1 Full Day OFF ( Saturday or Sunday) every week. Done. 

It’s not happening. I got into a really bad habit of doing that this year. I just don’t want to do it again. So work 6 days per week. No nights. That is my one nonnegotiable. 

I am sure I have a few more but that was the first one that came to mind when I was putting this together for you. I asked one of my colleagues and she said, “I will not take another client because I am fearful that I won’t make enough money. No more. I’m done. I will only work with clients who truly want to work with me as well” 

Whatever you choose, stick to it as this boundary helps establish respect for yourself from your clients. Clients should not expect to reach you beyond these hours. 

You may of course make exceptions for clients with urgent needs, such as those approaching closing, etc but be careful. 

NEVER tell a client that you are not available because of personal reasons.

ALWAYS offer other team members if you are not available.

You can use your voice mail to announce your business hours.

Make sure that you tell your clients what your hours are as well.  

Setting expectations with clients around your non-negotiables  is very important!

STEP 4. EVALUATE: Take a look at the past year in order to move forward.

It’s all about getting clarity. When I say to take a look at the past I mean the year you just finished or you are just about to finish. We need to look at what worked and what didn’t work in order to know where we want to go for the next year. 

It would be great if you could whiteboard this or get those big sticky poster boards because I’d love for you to stand back and look at all of the ideas and insights and a-ha moments you had. If you’ve got a whiteboard or something like it use it for this step. 

If you can come to the table with some metrics that would be great, metrics like how much did you spend for marketing, your average cost per lead, or average cost per closed client, your conversion rate: how many people you need to talk to in order to take a lead, how many leads to follow up to get an appointment, how many appointments you need to go to in order to take a listing or a buyer’s agreement??

Once you have some metrics, if you can grab those, great. If you can’t just keep moving forward. 


This is the fun stuff. 

It’s what you’ve been waiting for. We’re to the point now where you will decide on your 1-3 big streams of income that will help you reach your yearly goal in Step 2, create a strategy to make it happen, break it down into small chunks and calendar everything out. 

This step is actually broken into two phases. 

First you will decide how you are going to make money in your business and the second phase is to map it all out on your calendar.

STEP 6. WRAP it up - Review all of the work you’ve done for the day. 

You’ve done all the work at this point. But now you are going to step back, look at everything, and ask yourself a series of questions. 

If you were to pull this off and have your crazy successful year and it looked like this are you excited? Does it light you up? Do you think, “Bring it on,” because if that is a “no” then the whole thing is a “Hell no, we’ve got to change it.” You’ve got to feel excited. 

Do you feel scared? I want the answer to be “yes” even if it’s just a little or a lot.

We’ve got to step outside of our comfort zone. I don’t want you to be smooth sailing all year and not push yourself. At the same time, you don’t have to kill yourself hustling but I do want you to step outside of your comfort zone. 

It means I want you to push yourself to make some bold moves.That’s what I mean. I want you to feel a little scared or nervous excitement around it. 

Another question I want you to ask is:  “Who do I need to be in order for all of this to work?” What kind of person needs to show up to just crush these goals?

I’m going to guess, because this is true in my life, I have to show up a little bit different. 

As I said the above was just an excerpt of my planning.

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Have an AMAZING, crazy successful new year and go sell more houses, help more  people, stay healthy and enjoy life.

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You aren’t sure how and where to start this exciting business that you’ve been dreaming of and are actually feeling confused in indecision mode because there-are-so-many-option-to-choose-from-and-you-do-no-know-which-is-the-right-decision and you feel overwhelmed with a never-ending list of to-do’s.

You’re not sure what to work on every day. Somehow this flexible schedule that was supposed to give you freedom has taken over your life and you don’t see a way out.



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