Only 2 Things You Need to Do for Your 2020 Lead Generation Marketing as a Real estate Agent!


Hello there, very dear to my heart busy, overwhelmed,multitasking...tired real estate agents {more especially the ladies}!

How are you doing?

This one is going to be really short.

If you want to succeed with your 2020 lead generation marketing, I have only 2 rules for you.

# 1: Create at least 3 months strategic marketing plan

How do YOU do it?

Step 1. Brainstorm all content ideas that you believe will be valuable to your ideal customer. Set up your timer to 30 minutes and just write without editing.

Step 2. Go back and prioritize, put some in one topic, etc. 

Step 3. Open your calendar and schedule each topic in there.

Step 4. Plan time to create the content ( write, blog, video, audio) or whatever marketing strategy you have. Think, how you can put it on autopilot.

Tip: To save time, block 1 day to create 30 days of social media content, or 6 weekly blog posts, or 4 podcasts, or 4 videos, etc. I started using batching in my content creation and it changed my life. Seriously!

# 2.  S-T-I-C-K to it for at least 6 months, so you have enough data to analyze and change the plan if this does not work. DON’T QUIT!

So, block 2 hours on your calendar TODAY and create your STRATEGIC PLAN!!!

Cheers to you and Happy Holiday!



P.S. I need you to not only read what I’m about to say, but to start practice believing it in your bones:

It is 100% POSSIBLE to build a thriving real estate practice without pushing your needs out the door and constantly being in confusion, doubt and overwhelm-mode.

Building a Business is a Marathon not an Event,

and it’s not a secret that successful people hire coaches and mentors.

The Secret is to Have a Plan and to S-T-I-C-K to it  for at least 6 month, analyze and rinse and repeat.

I know it's the hardest thing to do but if you learn how to manage your emotions around it, you can definitely do it.

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You aren’t sure how and where to start this exciting business that you’ve been dreaming of and are actually feeling confused in indecision mode because there-are-so-many-option-to-choose-from-and-you-do-no-know-which-is-the-right-decision and you feel overwhelmed with a never-ending list of to-do’s.

You’re not sure what to work on every day. Somehow this flexible schedule that was supposed to give you freedom has taken over your life and you don’t see a way out.



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