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Dear friend,

Technology failed me to go on Facebook LIVE today, for those of us who work virtually, the internet, Zoom, FB Live are slow and sometimes connection fails🤔 but the good news is that we are still having internet.

As promised, I went over Tactic # 3 from the book "Shift" by Gary Keller: Do More with Less - LEVERAGE. Here is the recording CLICK HERE.

Our Businesses and Lives are NOT going to be the same during and after COVID-19.⁠

❤️ So, I've decided that starting tomorrow I'll be re-vamping all of my new content to answer the needs, the questions, the worries of my customers, my community, my fellow agents and business owners.⁠

I'll share anything and everything I know about real estate, business and life...

I've decided that the best use of my time today is to show up as a leader instead of going in a fetal position and just worry.

I want to contribute and help as much as I can, so we don't give up and stay strong in times like that.⁠

Let's all show up as LEADERS in your communities!!!

That's all I wanted to share with you today.


Stay Safe, Be responsible and don't take it lightly.

Ask Yourself how you can get involved and help your community of family, friends, clients, neighbors?


All my Best,


PS: When you’re ready... here are 2 ways I can help you with:

  1. Work with me One-on-One as a Real Estate Agent. If your results don't match up with what you know you're capable of CLICK HERE, we need to chat.
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You aren’t sure how and where to start this exciting business that you’ve been dreaming of and are actually feeling confused in indecision mode because there-are-so-many-option-to-choose-from-and-you-do-no-know-which-is-the-right-decision and you feel overwhelmed with a never-ending list of to-do’s.

You’re not sure what to work on every day. Somehow this flexible schedule that was supposed to give you freedom has taken over your life and you don’t see a way out.



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